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Smart Columbus Open Data Enthusiasts

SCODE is community driven group dedicated to improving lives in Columbus through open data, technology, and education.

We will be continuing the momentum from the 2018 Smart City Hackathon.


Our goals are to enable community participation in areas of BI/Analytics, Data analysis / Visualization and software development.

We are promoting Smart Columbus open datasets to solve challenges related to quality of life and economic growth of Columbus.

We want to create a community that provides freedom to connect, learn, innovate and collaborate.

This meetup will serve as a reliable means of communication between Smart Columbus and the Columbus community.

Why You want to get involved

Improving Quality of Life using technology and data

  1. Improve parking and traffic problems.

  2. Food access for all.

  3. Your chance to innovate as community member.

  4. Form meaningful engagements.

  5. And many more benefits ...

How You Can Get Involved

Who can attend?

The meetup is open to individuals of all backgrounds and skillsets in Columbus community. You can be the developer, designer, product or business idea person or an engaged community member with a problem in mind to solve. There is place for everyone. 


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